The cost of labor.
It is expensive to do manual painting not only for the cost of labor, as well as human error, which include the paint waste from over-spray, lost production from the quality, and waste from the quality. The training needed to add people that are proficient to a level where they can perform a proper task takes a lot of time and investment, these things lead to lower productivity and a process that is not very efficient, having a significant impact on bottom line.


Health and safety.
Due to the automated painting, we do not need to worry about the health and safety for the labor. As construction industry usually link to height issue, the automated painting no need operator therefore no humans will be injured and we do not need to think of the change of weather.


Improve flexibility.
Automation painting can easily be programmed to do different kind of jobs, the flexibility not only saves time while changing, it also saves money. It provides the flexibility to change materials and color more frequently, as well as cleaning the wall. 


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