It is an application to transport large-scale wood by applying a magic pump to multiple tube robots. By applying the Magic Pump, the piping configuration is simplified.


The requirement of reducing manufacturing costs and maximize energy efficiency.

When using an Electronic motor pump or a single-stage nozzle vacuum pump, it generates a higher energy consumption than the vacuum efficiency. However, with the international patented VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridge technology, not only does it produce air consumption and make high vacuum flow, but also delivers a stable vacuum performance despite unstable air pressure.


The requirement of individual vacuum for safety during the process of manufacturing or transferring.
If failed absorbing glasses, it could bring out personal injury due to the broken glasses. Therefore, VMECA’s Speeder is be recommended with the newest individual vacuum systems.

Speed is a significate factor when machining multi-size glasses.

When transferring multi-sized glass, just apply one single speeder to one single pad, which can reduce the frequency of changing the place of a pad, and achieve stable and safe handling.

The requirement of efficiently transferring different heights and shapes (forms) glasses.

The degree of flexion and height will be varied with changes of type or size of the glass,  In this case, if connect level spring and vacuum pump bellows with the Integrated type of speeder, transferring products of different heights and shapes will be stable.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

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