Apply the Magic Suction Cups to open the plastic bags by suctioning the vinyl on the package. With specially designed inside of X-type suction lip of Magic Suction Cup which is very good to use for handling plastic bags. This application was used in conjunction with a VSMR vacuum pump, which was applied directly to suction cup.

Excellent for Thin Plastic Bags.
By using the Magic Cup with the X-type Sealing Lip, the cleats inside the lip allows for a strong suction force when used with thin plastic bags.
Modular Design means Interchangeable Parts.
When the Suction Cup is worn, you may replace the Sealing Lip only. This allows you to save time by not having to replace the whole Suction Cup assembly. This allows increased productivity by minimizing downtime for maintenance.
Easy Replacements.
Having to replace only the Sealing Lip can provide a great deal of cost savings and time savings. Productivity can be increased by minimizing the replacement time from worn or damaged Suction Cups.
Individual Vacuum System.
By using the VSMR series, we can make an individual vacuum system. The vacuum pump and vacuum pad are not used separately, making it ideal as individual vacuum system so even there is an idle suction each vacuum works separately and so can reduce its error in operation.


VMECA Vacuum in application 
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