By using Turtle Pump (Vacuum Generator) which is one of the front line product with VMECA’s highly innovative technology heavy weight and large size of metal sheets are transferred. Even it was an even surface and flat surface work-pieces it is over than 400kg. In order to save the energy consumption of the vacuum system, air saving kit (AS-kit) was used and double solenoid valve was installed for safety solution.

Maximized Energy Efficiency.
Innovative vacuum cartridge technology of VMECA, which is internationally patented, can generate large suction flow with low air consumption and maintain stable vacuum levels under irregular supply air pressures.


Maximized Reliability.
By applying the air saving device (AS-Kit), it can help to save air consumption a lot by cut off the air using when the vacuum generator reaches to a certain level of vacuum automatically.
Also, the double solenoid valve maximizes stability by preventing the operator from getting hurt by falling the product that was being transported in the event of a sudden power outage.
Equipment Simplification.
Vacuum generator, solenoid valve, vacuum filter, and vacuum switch/sensor are all integrated for easy configuration.
Maintain Vacuum Generator’s Performance.
It automatically cleans the vacuum filter on the Turtle vacuum pump itself. So the vacuum generator can be applied and used semi-permanent.

Applied Products
Vacuum Generator : Turtle Vacuum pump (VTC3134-2-ASV-D3R3-DL-SG2)   
Suction Cup : LF Series Suction Cup (LF200-N-12F)
Level Compensator : L12 Series (L1230T)
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