VMECA’s Magic Gripper, which works in many areas, enables transport of a wide range of products and enables easy deployment of vacuum systems. In particular, box pallet timing and decatizing are excellent because individual vacuums allow boxes of various sizes to be transported to one tool without replacing any tools.



Magic Gripper can be applied to many varieties with one tool.
For variety of products, Magic Gripper can transfer the products with a single vacuum tooling without replacing any tools.  
The key advantage of Magic Gripper is ‘individual vacuum system (decentralized vacuum system)’ which allows different sizes and shape of the product handling with one tool without tool replacement.
Magic Gripper can be applied in dusty environments without problems.
Due to the characteristics of the carton boxes, it is important to filter dust (contaminant) that is sucked into the vacuum facility by vacuum in operation.
The Magic Gripper provides an integrated filter disc inside the pump. This keeps performance steady for a long time in dusty environments.
Easy and quick maintenance is available.
VMECA Vacuum Generation Cartridge is integrated into a modular architecture that allows easy, fast, and easy replacement of the lip.
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