At present, the main model for transferring glass is Turtle Pump is because it can automatically clean the dust generated during the glass processing.



Energy Efficiency equals cost Savings.
The use of motorized pumps or a single-nozzle vacuum generator results in high energy consumption when compared to the efficiency of multi-stage generators. VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridges can produce large vacuum flow with minimal air consumption. Even when the air supply is unstable, the performance of the multi-stage generators is still able to maintain stable vacuum performance.


Increased productivity
With three times the intake rate and 1.5 times the response speed compared to traditional pump systems, productivity is improved and even under low and irregular supply pressures maintains a constant degree of vacuum.
The vacuum flow rate is 3 times greater than that of an electronic motor pump and the reaction speed is 1.5 times faster, so it can increase production efficiency, reach out a stable vacuum performance despite with unstable air pressure.


Increased Durability in Harsh Environments
The Turtle Pump has a built-in filter that works with the Vacuum System after every cycle. The innovative design allows for the pump to release any dust or debris that.


Transportation of products of different heights
As other products may come into production at different heights, it is possible to transport a range of products by applying VMECA’s Bellows Pad and Level Springs, transferring the products with stability.


VMECA Vacuum in application 
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