We used Magic Gripper, one of VMECA core vacuum products, for transferring thin vinyl packaged products which is difficult to be handled with general vacuum suction cups. For the reason of a very high-speed operation required for the equipment, we recommended and applied with Magic Gripper with XP-type suction lip. It was failed by using a general vacuum pump and suction cup, but there are a good result and success achieved as we expected after we applied with Magic Gripper without any error or problem.


Maximize Energy Efficiency
By using VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridge technology, it is able to achieve a high vacuum flow with a low air consumption and have a stable vacuum level despite under fluctuating air pressure.
Fast Response Time
Magic Gripper has a compact design with an all-in-one structure(Vacuum pump and suction cup together) so it can make a high response. C-type Magic gripper that with a check valve is helpful for a faster vacuum release and higher response.
Easy Maintenance
Replace or maintain the suction lip easily by hand, no need with any special tools or specialized knowledge to help.
High Suction Performance
By applying the flexible bellows of Magic Gripper, it can be strongly suctioned and stable transferred.


VMECA Vacuum in application  
Magic Gripper
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