One of the key products of VMECA, the Cartridge Pump is applied to the new solution Gas Venting System in the injection industry to maximize the production efficiency of the injection industry.


Minimize defective production.
Injection Mold applications requires the extraction of the gases from the molding process. If these gases are not removed, they can damage the product through carbonized discoloration, leaving streaks and overall a chance to produce a defective product.


It reduces mold maintenance time by rapidly absorbing contaminated gas inside the injection mold. Reduce Maintenance time by Extracting Injection Mold gasses.
Quickly extract the fumes that are generated when the raw material comes into contact with the mold. This will reduce the downtime and maintenance that may be needed if not using a gas venting system.


Increase production.
Increase the production volume by removing harmful fumes that are generated by the injection mold process. By removing the gasses after each injection mold process, you are able to minimize downtime and the maintenance.


Limit Switch option allows for Installation without any electrical connections.
It’s possible to install the limit switch only when the mold is open and closed without any electrical work.


VMECA Vacuum in application 
Product 1
Gas Venting System
IGS 23E 04856


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